Welcome. My name is Victor Hoornweg (1985). I am a writer with a background in philosophy and statistics.

In my writing, these fields of study can hardly be distinguished. This may come as no surprise, because the question of what conclusions can be drawn from a set of observations is pivotal to both philosophy of science and statistics. When working on an essay about whether a dream can be a work of art, I noticed that the problems one encounters in defining dreams and art are not so different from problems associated with defining the foundations of statistics, where claims regarding a data set are often grounded on 'private beliefs' and 'objective criteria'. My views about statistics underwent further changes when I began to dismantle a philosophical theory of emotion that I had been developing for some years, where probabilities played a large role. The book Science: Under Submission, which promotes a tolerant approach towards alternative views of doing and discussing research, is the last of a series. In the future, I plan to go back in time and revisit theories of art, dreams, and emotion.

To give a summary of my cv, I obtained a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree (cum laude ) at University College Utrecht, a Master's degree in Econometrics (cum laude ) at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a Master's degree in Philosophy (cum laude ) at Utrecht University. In 2018, I received a PhD in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Tinbergen Institute for the dissertation A Tradeoff in Econometrics. Next to doing research, I am the co-founder and chairman of a non-profit organization called Stichting BijlesBureau.com, which uses its revenues from paying customers to offer free homework guidance to less privileged pupils. I love to play sports, read, and write.